Rajkotpdates.news: the ministry of the transport will launch a road safety navigation app


As always Rajkotupdates.com has not failed us to bring amazing news and the hottest news regarding Rajkot and it’s surrounding. Another update which is mentioned in the Rajkotpdates.news: the ministry of the transport will launch a road safety navigation app, which has also been a major help for people connected to socials. The road safety app that is to be launched by the Ministry of Transport will be available within 2 to 3 weeks. The app and its characteristics and background will be mentioned briefly in this article.


Now let’s talk about the reason why did the need arise to build and develop this app. The ministry decided to launch this app because the government wanted to relieve the citizens and they wanted to offer them safety by making an app that shows all the traffic reports, whether it is safe to go on that specific road or not. It also will boost the overall country’s infrastructure. This will ultimately boost the country’s economy. This app will provide live real-time updates to users and it will notify/alert different drivers whether it is safe or not to use the road at that specific time. The application can be installed both on the Android and apple systems. 

Features of the app

The major features of this app are a lot. The app will be able to give live updates regarding the traffic on the roads. This will serve as a safety app for individuals. It will alert the user about accidents on the road using GPS technology which is a major relief for users as they will take an alternate route that way. The app will use Artificial Intelligence in order to notify users regarding accidents and help them by using algorithms which use all the cameras, sensors, and other socials in the specific area so that accurate results are produced. This notifies users if an accident is about to occur or has occurred. 

Beneficial for Citizens

This app which is mentioned in Rajkotpdates.news: the ministry of the transport will launch a road safety navigation app is brilliant initiative that the Ministry of Transport is going to take by launching the app in 2 or 3 weeks. The app will also update regarding the weather conditions because the weather can be rainy, sunny or whatever and the citizens can plan their route accordingly. This serves as a major benefit that can be helpful for all sorts of users. The app will train its users about road safety regulations and rules regarding speed limits, and traffic signals and give them tips that could prevent accidents and promote safer driving. The app will be beneficial for long-distance travelers as it will inform them which route is safer and it will also be helpful for tourists from all over the world, who do not know about the roads and all.

Decreasing Accidents 

With the launch of the app by the Ministry of Transport, the transport infrastructure will surely get better. Besides, the safety of the users will also surely increase. The app which is the Rajkotpdates.news: the ministry of the transport will launch a road safety navigation app, is an awesome project by the ministry because the accident rates and death rate due to accidents are increasing shockingly in India. With over 1.5 Lakh deaths due to 4.5 Lakh road accidents in India in 2019. This number is shocking and must be taken care of, hence the launch of the road safety app. This will help lessen the accidents and help the citizens in the best way possible with its awesome features.

Voice and Visuals

As all the people in the world are not blessed to have sight and hearing. The app is also in accordance with the people who are handicapped, the app has different great features and the voice and visuals feature are the most awesome ones yet, the alerts can also be voice alerts for people who are not in the mood to look at their phone while driving. This is a major help for citizens as hearing is more efficient for some people but some people prefer the visuals, the app has not disappointed them because it provides great visuals which please the users, and the app has an interactive user interface.


We would like to conclude by saying that the app Rajkotpdates.news: the ministry of the transport will launch a road safety navigation app, is a major help for the people of Rajkot as well as the people of India. They can easily access this app as it is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The users can use this safety app on long routes as well as they will be informed about the accidents and safer routes. The app developers made an astonishing act by developing this kind of helpful app. The Ministry of Transport will surely improve the infrastructure of transport with the launch of this app. Overall, this step is a huge step and users will surely appreciate it.


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