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Oliviamaebae (Alliecat) Is An Actor, Model, And Well-Known Instagram User With 2.9 Million Followers. She Was Born In New York And Now Resides In San Francisco.. She Frequently Uploads Photos To Her Instagram Account, Which Has A Sizeable Following On This Social Media Site. She has over 499k Followers on Tiktok. American model, social media star, and Instagram sensation Olivia Maebae. On Instagram, she has more than 2.7 million fans under the handle oliviamaebae. Allison Christine Johnson is her actual name, but she is more well-known by the stage name Alliecat. She was reared in both Los Angeles and Orange County after being born in Colorado in 1997.She has a sibling and two brothers.

Alliecat is the Instagram name that she used mostly. Oliviamaebae is a social media personality and model. She is renowned for her distinct appearance and personality, which she attributes to her upbringing in New York City.

Oliviamaebae’s Family background

Oliviamaebae’s father is African American, and her mother is Japanese. She also has two siblings, a younger and an older brother. When she was a young child, her parents got separated, and her mother raised her. Her father is a musician, and her mother is an actor and model. Additionally, Olivia Maebae’s parents both give her work a lot of support.

Oliviamaebae’s Personal life

One of the most well-known Instagram stars, Oliviamaebae has over 2.7 million fans. Despite being adored by many people, she maintains her privacy. She also mentions her romantic life. Fans of Olivia frequently ask her about her boyfriend, but she never discloses it. Olivia is of mixed race and American nationality. On Instagram, Olivia has more than 2.7 million fans under the handle oliviamaebae. When she was 15 years old and an aspiring model, she was first made known to the world in 2010.

When she showed up on the Vogue Italia Instagram account of model Bianca Balti, who was sporting Maebae’s clothing for a fashion show that same day, she instantly went viral. In the following year, 2017, Alliecat’s new clothing line with Target, Topanga, got viral once more. Oliviamaebae is 58 kilograms and 5 feet 2 inches tall. Additionally, her shoe size is 9 1/2, and her bra measurement is 34C. (US). She is 34-24-36 centimeters in size. On October 26, 2012, Olivia Maebae published her first Instagram post, which was a picture of her and her pals at a Halloween party. Also. She didn’t begin posting frequently until 2014 when she started sharing images of her friends, friends’ outfits, and her everyday life.

In 2015, Olivia started posting selfies and photos of herself modeling, which garnered a lot of likes and comments. She had over a million Instagram fans by 2016 and was being referred to as a social media star.

Since then, she has also worked with numerous other fashion designers and artists from a range of fields, including Puma and Nike. In February 2018, she collaborated on her most recent ad.

Some assume she is currently single, while others think she has a boyfriend in secret. Nobody can say for sure, but Olivia prefers to keep her private life to herself so that much is certain. We’ll have to wait and see, but it appears that her colleague YouTuber Briana Marie might know something about it.

Alliecat’s Education

Oliviamaebae is a model and Instagram star from the United States. Oliviamaebae was born in the United States in 1997. In addition, oliviamaebae has over 2.7 million Instagram fans under the username oliviamaebae.

Her nationality is White, and she practices Christianity. Oliviamaebae’s education level is a high school degree. Oliviamaebae is unmarried and unattached.

Oliviamaebae’s Career

She started her career as a social media influencer she is a famous Instagramer with over 2.9 million followers she almost posted 92 Reels. Her Followers love her videos very much. She is also a Tiktoker with over 499k followers she has also a YouTube channel with 100K subscribers she do not use any Hashtags she keeps herself fit Oliviamaebae has over 97 thousand subscribers to her YouTube channel, where she uploads videos of her everyday activities, outfits, and modeling. She works as a model for the apparel brand VFILES. Olivia also makes it a point to declare her love to the camera at the conclusion of each film that she uploads.

Facts about Alliecat

She has no interest at all in drinking alcoholic drinks. She hardly even enjoys smoking smokes. Additionally, she likes eating healthy foods. Under no conditions do they enjoy dining outside. Alliecat has had a lifetime love of cooking. Alliecat is also very interested in acting. Given the time and effort she puts into keeping her personality, it is not surprising that it is thriving. She also takes pleasure in going to the gym and doing other things to keep his physique in good condition. Her acts don’t make the setup any better. She gives her the information because she is acquainted with Gym. Helps keep my body in better condition, which makes me look more appealing. Olivia actively participates in his family’s activities. Alliecat prefers his parents. Due to his demeanor, many people have a positive view of Alliecat. Alliecat is raised by his mother and father.

Wrap Up

With over 2.9 million followers on Instagram and 499k on Tikt0k, Oliviamaebae is a well-known user. Although being a well-known person, Olivia respects her privacy and keeps her love life a secret. She first gained notoriety in 2010 when she appeared on the Vogue Italia Instagram account. In 2017, her Target apparel line became a social media sensation. Olivia has a sizable social media following and has collaborated with numerous fashion designers and artists. While some presume she is single, others think she might be dating someone else. Olivia, though, likes to keep her personal affairs secret.


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